Mirella Freni - A Life Devoted to Opera

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Mirella Freni - A Life Devoted to Opera

The soprano Mirella Freni is one of the best-loved singers of the last 50 years. She enjoyed a remarkably long career in opera, progressing from light-lyric roles to more dramatic challenges, always retaining the distinctive beauty and expressivity of her voice.

This documentary portrait, directed by Marita Stocker, dates from 2010. At its heart are masterclasses that Freni gave to young singers in her hometown of Modena and an extended interview with the soprano, filmed in the city’s sumptuous Teatro Comunale. Among the other interviewees are Plácido Domingo and Herbert von Karajan, who was a long-time mentor to Freni.

The role that proved a talisman for the soprano was Mimì in La bohème, and A Life Devoted to Opera features her in performance footage from Puccini’s opera opposite the Rodolfo of another great singer born in Modena – and in the same year as Freni – Luciano Pavarotti.