Dai Fujikura

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Neue Oper Wien

Vienna, Austria |


An Opera in 4 Acts
Based on the novel Solaris by Stanslaw Lem (1961)
Austrian Premiere

Solaris is the first opera written by Japanese composer Dai Fujikura. The World Premiere took place in 2015 in Paris. Dai Fujikura is knows for his numerous commissions for internationally renowned orchestras and contemporary music ensembles.

This production was filmed without audience due to COVID-19, and is available on demand on thru July 25, 2021.


One planet, one scientist, three days.

The ocean on Solaris is similar to the human brain: why it produces certain memories and remorse is unknown. How badly are memories distorted over time? The scientist Kris Kelvin goes on a research trip to Solaris. He is supposed to investigate some strange incidents and find out why all attempts to contact Solaris have failed so far. Warned from several sides of mysterious "visitors", he finally meets his wife Hari, who has long since passed away. But is everything as it seems? Is Hari real? Or is it just a projection of Kris Kelvin's conscience?

Composer: Dai Fujikura
Libretto: Saburo Teshigawara
The score can be found with this link:

Conductor: Walter Kobéra
Stage director: Helen Malkowsky
Set Design: Katrin Kemp
Costumes: Anna-Sophie Lienbacher
Video Montage: Sophie Lux
Sound Direction/ Live-Elektronics: Christina Bauer
Lighting Design: Norbert Chmel
Live-Elektronik programmed by Ircam, Gilbert Nouno / English translation by Harry Ross and Dai Fujikura

Hari Simona Eisinger / Kris Kelvin Timothy Connor / Snaut Martin Lechleitner / Gibarian Ricardo Martinez Bojorquez / Offstage Kelvin Christian Kotsis

with the amadeus ensemble-wien