Terms and Conditions

1. General

These General Terms and Conditions shall apply for the streams available on sonostream.tv and hence the contractual relationship between the user and the provider – sonostream.tv gmbh (hence the “Provider”), having its registered office in 1010 Vienna, Am Hof 5/15, Austria.

The access rights to the video portal is limited to private and non-commercial use. Both, the downloading and/or the recording of the offered streams and on the video portal is strictly prohibited. All services offered by the Provider and any use of Provider’s video portal are exclusively regulated by these terms and conditions.

The provision of Internet access that is necessary for the use of the video platform shall not be subject to the contract between the user and the provider. With regard to the Internet access the conditions agreed between the user and the user’s internet provider have to be applied. The making available of the stream is technically provided in different qualities.

2. Change of terms and conditions

The Provider is entitled to change or update the terms and conditions any time at the Provider’s sole discretion. The user will be notified of such changes and/or updates of the terms and conditions by written text notices on the video portal.

3. Technical Advises and Limitation of Liability

It is the user´s task to ensure that the user’s devices and internet access comply with the system requirements for the utilisation of the offered services. An internet access with any internet provider is a minimum requirement. For a quality data transfer broadband connection is recommended. Depending on the user’s internet tariff additional costs may occur. The amount of the additional costs depend on the user´s time frame or volume tariff.

The Provider does not assume any liability or any warranty claims for errors occurred while using the services due to missing or insufficient system requirements of the user.

4. Improper use

Any improper use of the offered services, including but not limited to the unlawful use or use for criminal purposes is strictly prohibited. The recording in full or even in parts of streams in any form (digital or analogous) is prohibited. Any other use of the stream than the private use, such as any commercial use, public performance, public broadcasting or issuing the stream in any other way as well as the reproduction of the stream are prohibited.

5. Availability of the Contents

The Provider of the video portal does not assume any warranty or guarantee for the availability of the video portal, any stream and/or the Provider’s services. In particular, the Provider does not assume any warranty for any deficiencies that are beyond the Provider’s sphere of influence, including but not limited to force majeure, fault by third parties or any other deficiencies that are caused by external influences, handling errors, not conducted modifications, complements, installations or removals, reparation, or other manipulations. The Provider of the video portal is entitled to restrict the access to the services, if the security of the network operation, the maintaining of the network integrity, in particular the avoidance of severe disturbances of the net, the software or saved data require to do so. The Provider does not assume any warranty for the multimedia contents in respect to the streams available on the video portal.

6. Liability (for contents on the video portal)

The Provider shall only be liable for damages which are caused due to gross negligence or intent either by the Provider or by Provider’s subcontractors or agents.

7. Applicable Law

These terms and conditions as well as the entire contractual relationship between the user and the Provider shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Austria excluding the conflicts of law provisions.

8. Salvatorian Clause

Should one of the clauses or part of the clauses above be or turn legally invalid or incomplete, validity of the other clauses of the terms and conditions remain unaffected.

9. Forum Clause

The sole place of jurisdiction shall be Vienna, Austria.

Additional information

In case of discrepancies between the German and English version, the German version of the terms and conditions shall be authoritative.